Trip & Slip and Falls

Attorney Adam Scher has had extensive experience dealing with slip and falls / trip and falls all over the South Florida area. From pre-suit through litigation, from Miami-Dade County to Palm Beach County, Attorney Scher has resolved hundreds of slip/trip and fall cases with recovery amounts totaling MILLIONS of dollars. 

Many attorneys shy away from taking slip trip and fall cases because: 

  • finding 100% clear liability on the side of the defendant is difficult or rare, and/or
  • having to file a lawsuit and pay for experts and engineers to solidify the liability is time-consuming and costly.

Here at the Adam Scher Law Group, Attorney Scher will personally sit down with EVERY potential client that may have trip and slip or slip and fall and discuss all the possible scenarios as if the Adam Scher Law Group will take on your case. 

Common Questions after a Trip / Slip and Fall

After experiencing a slip and fall or trip and fall, some of the most common questions posed by clients to Attorney Scher and his staff are: 

  1. I don’t have any health insurance! How will my bills get paid?
  2. What does “comparative negligence” mean? Can I still recover if I am found partially at fault for my own injury?
  3. What does “open and obvious” mean? How can it affect my case?
  4. Who can I sue if I had a slip and fell in a public street or a pothole?

All these questions and more will be answered when you schedule your FREE CONSULTATION with the Adam Scher Law Group to meet face to face with an attorney. Remember, if the Adam Scher Law Group cannot obtain recovery for you, then you owe the law firm NOTHING.